When Life Serves You Lemons ~ 10 Ways To Make Lemonade

Life happens! Live with it!

You may have heard this saying before. Everyday life brings its own set of opportunities and challenges. Many come right on time and seem to fit perfectly into your plan. They energize you and give you a sense of purpose and passion and put you right in MOJO mode. They help you push on without effort.

However, what do you do in those moments and circumstances when life serves you a tray of lemons: unexpected challenges, turns, and bumps? What do you do in those unexpected moments when you feel like it’s just not worth it to keep going; when you feel like giving up?

Here are ten key things that can and will help you persevere through those moments:

1. Stop and breath.

In the heat of the moment, we often say and do the wrong thing. We react with reflex versus respond with thought. We then tend to be filled with regret later, knowing for certain we could have handled things better.

Instead of reacting, take some time to stop and breath. This suppresses anxiety and triggers an energetic thought process. A well thought out response is much better than an instant reaction any day!

2. Pray. 

Reaching for a higher source helps you calm down. Transferring energy from the circumstance to a higher being brings a sense of calming and peace. Praying helps to redirect your mind from doom to glory. At that point, productive and logical thinking can begin.

3. Take the emotion out of the circumstance.

Too many times, we allow our emotions and how we feel drive our actions and decisions. However, feelings are temporary and acting upon your feelings often leads to temporary solutions.

Instead of making a decision based upon your emotions, take a moment to be conscious of your feelings and determine where those feelings will ultimately lead you. If they don't lead to lasting success, switch gears.

4. Don’t make a decision. 

This was one of the best pieces of advice I received from one of my mentors.

We live in a world of quick fixes. Everyone wants it all and NOW. However, not all circumstances require your immediate decision.

Resolve yourself not to make a decision, at least not right now. Waiting to decide allows, you to gain a different perspective. It also allows you to weigh your options. Waiting to make a decision at the right time generally yields good results.

Plus, waiting to make a decision is a great negotiation technique.

5. Seek help from others. 

We are placed on this Earth to commune and fellowship with others. However, we’ve become selfish and egotistical and as a result refuse to seek assistance or guidance. Not seeking assistance extends our learning curve and the possibly placess us in position to endure more pain.

Get rid of the ego and ask for help. You will be surprised what great results you get.

6. Pray!

Did I say pray already?

This one is so very important that I suggest you do it multiple times during your circumstance. Peace and discernment are sure to come and save the day.

7. Map out your mission. 

Don't move forward without a plan. Better yet, don't move forward if it's not a part of your plan. 

Too often we pull the trigger without referring to our plan, to only then find ourselves stuck later. Map the course. Know what potential roads you may need to take and know what circumstances will cause you to take a different route.

Without a plan, you are left without options.

8. Keep the ultimate end goal in mind. 

Once a decision is finally made, we tend to get distracted or off course. In order to achieve your desired results, you must write the goal and keep it in front of you. Magical things happen when you put pen to paper. It becomes even more magical when you keep it in front of you.

9. Take a real break.

Just walk away.

You may just need a break. Taking breaks helps you to determine the true seriousness of the circumstance. You can determine if you are blowing things out of proportion. If that is the case, you can choose to either ignore the circumstance or change your approach. Either way, take a break and sleep on it. You will feel better in the morning.

10. Go for the win.

What else do you have to lose?

Go for the win!

If you fail, get up and try again. The only true failure is doing nothing at all. So, go for the win!


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