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Scaling Steps For Growth Focused Business Owners

Learn the five simple steps to shift your business from plateau to profiting and place your business on the pathway to earning your first or next million dollars in profitable revenues while building the legacy you desire.



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"A short book with big results!"

Beyond The Plateau: Five Simple Steps To Scale Your Way To A Million Dollar Business is a simple yet effective business planning guide filled with tips, techniques, and case studies to help businesses build confidence, gain clarity, establish consistency, and increase cashflow and capacity.


Clarity | Confidence | Competence | Consistency Cashflow | Capacity



Beyond The Plateau: Five Simple Steps To Scale Your Way To A Million Dollar Business

Being CEO is not easy.  In fact, it is one of the hardest jobs one can have.  Trying to grow a business without being in the weeds of it is even more difficult.  Learn the five simple steps of scaling your business to and through millions with certainty and intention.  In this book, I share the steps our clients have taken to achieve scaling success, increase revenue by as much as 400%, and rank on the INC 5000 list.



Build Legacy NOW: PULSE Profit Business Planning Journal

Business is an asset that, if built correctly, can serve as the gateway to generational wealth and legacy.  This complimentary business journal is the tool to help you intentionally design the pathway to scaling your business and building your legacy.  Learn the four key areas you should focus as CEO.  Determine your next level scaling moves. Create and execute your strategic plan for scaling.  Most importantly, revisit your plan quarterly to STAY ON TRACK!



Million Dollar Mission Book Bundle

Place yourself on a million dollar mission and get both powerful resources as a bundle.  You won't be disappointed!




Lisa D. Anderson, CPA

When it comes to launching and growing business, I am no amateur. I managed to successfully grow my business from startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise which now encompasses three additional businesses and over 25 consecutive years as an entrepreneur.  Now over 25 years later, I've also helped hundreds of other CEOs scale their businesses beyond themselves and exponentially increase revenue to seven figures and beyond, profitably while increasing their capacity. This has ultimately allowed these business owners to realize their dreams of flexibility, fortune, financial freedom, and legacy.

It's very exciting to know 627,000 new businesses are started each year in the United States.  However, 94% of them close their doors within their first year in business.  78% of those who make it, continue to operate without employees and thus only ever earn $150,000  in annual revenue on average.  LESS THAN 7% of all businesses achieve a million dollars or more in annual revenues.  These are startling statistics that I am on a personal mission to change.
What I've learned about creating and continuing business success is, there are some very simple steps that businesses need to follow to achieve their seven figure objectives and their legacies.  These are the same simple steps I followed and continue to follow to grow and sustain my businesses.  And now, I am sharing those steps with you.
Beyond The Plateau:  Five Simple Steps To Scale Your Way To A Million Dollar Business is truly a work of love and passion.  Beyond The Plateau: The PULSE Profit Business Planner serves as its compliment to help business owners build and execute their unique strategy to scale.
I have an obsessive passion for helping small businesses achieve exponential growth just as I did.  My legacy mission is to help a million businesses achieve a million. Writing this book, creating the business planner, and offering it to you helps me complete my circle and achieve my goal.

Are you ready to finally SCALE your business and become one of the 7%?  Are you ready to build legacy NOW?



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