Do you really love your business?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2021

“The more you love your business, the more value it will bring you. ” - Lisa Anderson

Happy Valentine’s Day my friend!

Thank you so very much for joining me every Sunday for these reflections. I absolutely adore and appreciate you! You, my friend, are a part of my legacy to help a million achieve millions and for that I am grateful.

I have a few quick questions for you.

Have you ever written a love letter to your business? Have you ever told your business how much you appreciate it? Have you ever thanked your business for being the catalyst to your legacy?

It’s become a tradition for me to write a simple love letter to my business on Valentine’s Day. What I understand is without my business I could not do all and achieve all and experience all I have throughout these 24 years. My legacy would not be what it is without my business.

What I’ve learned over the years is you must love your business. When you don’t, when it starts to feel heavy and you start to wonder why you are running a business and doubting it’s value and worth to you, the business starts to fall apart.

You and the love you have for your business sit right in the center of its potential for growth. When you aren’t feeling your business, your business starts to feel neglected and taken advantage of. Things then begin to falter and fall apart. But loving your business brings a certain level of excitement and vigor and promise and growth.

Your business is a living being that should be designed to bring you value. Instead of falling out of love with your business, rekindle the flame by discovering ways to bring life back and commit to releasing all that is damaging your relationship.

As I write this I am thinking about a client who was challenged in her business. There were several moments when I’ve talked her off the limb of wanting to quit and go back to working for someone else. There were many Monday’s when she confessed to scrolling job postings. There were many moments we discussed how she’s lost interest in certain things she’s been doing or certain clients she’s been serving.

We discovered through our accountability calls that she’s been focusing on building things within her business that did not serve her interests nor her passions and because of that her business became a burden instead of a bonus.

We’ve since spent time realigning activities, exploring possibilities, and removing the burdens. I am super excited about what she has built as a result. It’s something completely different than where she began but the energy and vigor she’s brought back into the business is felt by everyone. Just this past week I had an opportunity to join her and her team for a virtual team gathering and the unveiling of her rebrand was amazing! Opportunities are literally flying in because she relit the flame!

I challenge you to spend some time today writing a love letter to your business. If for some reason you have fallen out of love with it, tell it why. Then commit to changing your relationship!

Relationships matter so much in business. They are the true catalyst of growth and legacy building. But it starts and ends with you having a strong relationship with your business. Please understand, others may love your business but no one will love it more than you!

Also, check out my blog on the five phases of love in business and determine which phase you are in.

Finally, watch our special Valentine's video on love relationships in business. Relationship Coach, Reginald Smith and I break down the key steps you need to make to sure up your relationships.

Remember, the more you love your business, the more value it will bring you.


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