What's awaiting you in this new decade?

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2020
"Time and tide wait for no man."

This is an ancient proverb which has been around since 1225. It means no one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time and no one has enough control to change the tide.

While it may be true that we can not control time, we do have control over what can happen within time.

Welcome my friend to the dawn of a new decade!

This is your clean slate to craft whatever your heart desires! And I do mean you can manifest ANY and EVERY thing you desire!

Let me give you some examples of what can happen in a decade.

  • In a decade I went from winning my first multi-million dollar contract and growing like crazy to selling that business.
  • In a decade I went from being a transactional genius to being completely transformational.
  • In a decade I went from trying to figure out how to get my children through a private high school to them graduating from college debt free.
  • In a decade I went from experiencing the most lucrative times in government contracting to thriving during two shut downs and an economic crisis.
  • In a decade I went from only teaching my team about business to teaching hundreds in universities and on stages.
  • In a decade I went from keeping my ideas trapped in my head to writing and publishing my first book.
  • In a decade I went from building a business that operated off of my strengths to now building legacies.
Here’s what I want you to know.
This all happened by design.
While I could not order the passing of time. I could order what happened in time and so I did.
This leads me to the second part of the proverb which relates to the tide. If you want to control where you go in the tide, you have to get ahead of it.
Knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there has been my secret winning ingredient! I controlled my destiny by simply mapping a plan and building momentum toward achievement BEFORE the tide could change the course.
Government shut downs? Tide change.Economic crisis? Tide change.Cost of college education? Tide change.Changes in the industry? Tide change.
And I still thrived!
Economists are predicting a major economic downturn in the very near future I also feel a shift coming. So, what can one do to survive and thrive in times like this?

You could be consumed and over taken by the tide or you could see it coming and ride the tide! You could operate by default or you could operate by design!

Establishing a strategic plan and a road map that takes you ten years out yet allows you to assess, shift and realign during the journey is key. Preparing for this next decade and getting all that you want requires outlook, planning, diversification and timing.

Do you know what you want from this new decade? Do you know where you are headed? Do you have a clearly defined strategic road map? Are you prepared to ride the tide?

I want to help you prepare and thrive in this new decade.

Let's explore what's keeping you from building your legacy. Gain information and insight about building your pathway to freedom, flexibility, and legacy! Let's start building your legacy NOW!

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