What mask are you wearing and how is it serving you?

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2014

Today is October 31 and many people in the United States are celebrating Halloween. For months we’ve been deciding “who we will be” for this occasion. This ritual coupled with discussions I’ve been having lately with business leaders has lead me to ask the question: what mask are you wearing and how is it serving you?

So many business leaders are craving the need to do business “my way”. They feel restricted by some force. Rules, perceived expectations, self inflicted pressures, and myths about transparency in the workplace, have created the lack of self expression. As a result, true talents are not shining through.

This seems to be somewhat contradictory to the real reason behind being in business. We live in the land of the free. A place which provides endless opportunities and allows freedom of expression. If that that is true, then why are so many business leaders and professionals feeling stifled, confined and restricted?

Could it be the mask that you are wearing?

Authenticity is the missing ingredient.

Authenticity is the art of being true to one’s own personality, spirit, character or standards. It is speaking your truth and intentions at all time. It’s knowing when something violates your standards, that you have not only the right, but the obligation, to walk in your truth. Doing anything otherwise is a compromise of your integrity and places you in jeopardy of settling for less.

We’ve gotten used to suppressing our feelings, beliefs and expressions so much that instead of exercising the freedoms that are available to us, we put on a mask and become a part of the masquerade. It’s time to STOP. Employers and employees are suffering. There is resentment in the workplace because authenticity is lacking.

If you are feeling restricted in your business, as if you have no choices or real ability to make the decisions that fall in line with your standards, you are wearing a dangerous mask. If you are working for an organization where you are not allowed to express your talents and offer your best, then you are wearing a dangerous mask. If you are overextending yourself and engaged in activities that are not personally desirable, you are wearing a dangerous mask.

Again, what mask are you wearing and how is it serving you?

The mask tends to attract the wrong employees, the wrong customers, and the wrong partners. Take off the mask! Express your intentions daily and watch the world unfold into endless possibilities of freedom.

Be bold! Get rid of the mask. Know who you are. Ask for what you want. Speak your intentions. Act with integrity. Go get what you want and deserve! Stop doing what you believe others want and be you! This will give you the real true opportunity to assess where you are and determine where you need to be. As my daughter’s basketball coach once told her, you want to be in places that celebrate, you, not tolerate you.

If you want to do business your way; if you want to find the right place to express your talents; if you want to learn how to say no and walk with integrity, contact me. I can help you draw out your authenticity and teach you how to get what you want on your terms.

For more information on how to effectively get rid of your mask and live authentically, sign up for your Complimentary Consultation! What you really want is right around the corner awaiting your arrival.


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