What are your care-abouts?

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2020
Wholesome people create wholesome businesses. ~ Coach Reg
Did you tune in last week to my conversation with Relationship Coach, Reginald Smith? It was an amazing discussion about building loving and lasting relationships in business. If you missed the discussion, the replay will be up until the end of this month. Check it out when you have some time.
We unpacked a lot about building strong relationships as a way to keep the love alive in business. However, one thing was extremely clear.
YOU live at the heart and core of your business.

Everything in your business rises and falls as a direct result of the decisions you are making. It is therefore important that you care for the things that matter to you most. How you feel and what you think and believe are critical components of your scaling success.

If YOU are not clear, confident and conscientious, then your business will be catastrophic, confusing and chaotic.
To ensure both you and your business remain healthy and wholesome, he suggested the following.

Your care-abouts are immensely important.

These are all the things that matter to you, both large and small, physical and emotional. These are the qualities which ultimately lead to the personalized standards and boundaries you must establish in life and in business.

Knowing your care-about gives you the ability to easily recognize when your needs and the needs of your business are being met. Knowing your care-abouts help you determine when shifts need to occur. Knowing your care-abouts keeps you in the game. Knowing your care-abouts keeps the love alive in your business.

Your care-abouts are deal makers and deal breakers.

So, what are your care-abouts?

Last week I had a conversation with one of my clients. She was faced with a challenge. One of her team members was not delivering. In fact, her customers were starting to complain because the promise had not been honored.

She struggled with how to approach this situation. She considered her team member to be very good at what she did. However, she never seemed to adhere to the delivery timelines which were established.

My question to her was the same as what I just asked you. What do you care about?

She cared about her brand promise of timeliness, quality and customer service.

Knowing her care-abouts helped us craft a clear, direct and truth-filled response to the challenge that was posed.

Your care-abouts provide direction and create a clear pathway toward success.

But in order to know what your care-abouts are, you must first care for who you are.

This week in Scale To Seven Figures we will be exploring ways to best care for you.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020 I will go LIVE with Lifestyle Strategist, Jamie Bennett. We will unpack the simple steps to self-care and tap into CEO Mojo. Join me for this Million Dollar Fireside Chat as we continue to build upon ways to keep the love alive in business

Join us in the group for this powerful discussion.

Now go keep the love alive!

PS. Interested in eliminating catastrophy, confusion and chaos in your business? Ready to establish clarity, confidence and conscientiousness? Let's schedule some time to map your care-abouts. Schedule your call today.


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