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Uncategorized Sep 07, 2020

The most important decisions businesspeople make are not “what” decisions, but “who” decisions! - Geoffrey Smart

 Happy Labor Day! First, I can not believe it’s September. We are about to end the third quarter of the year. Summer is about to officially end. The government’s fiscal year is closing! My grandson will soon turn one year old!

This has been one whirlwind of a year. Time certainly waits for no man, no woman, no celebration and no circumstance! It has one focus, and that is to keep on ticking! Well, you know I believe focus wins the race and when it comes to time, its focus is winning.

Today, we honor and celebrate the number one thing that builds wealth, drives focus and allows us to build legacies - the workforce. The workforce is so important to the economy that it gets a full day in its honor. The workforce is so important, the government came to its rescue this year and offered not one but multiple stimulus packages to keep them in tact throughout the pandemic.

Did you know the workforce is your million dollar proposition?

To become a million dollar business or to make your next million dollars, you need revenue generating bodies working for you. It’s not until you start hiring, can you begin pulling back from juggling it all. You can not start working on the business and not just in the business until you start hiring other people. Those systems, policies and procedures you’ve been worried about? They don’t really start to matter until you hire others to follow them. Oh, and you can’t start adding benefits like health insurance and other things until you start to hire others.

While it may feel as if you are carrying your business on your back, your workforce is the actual backbone of your business. It has building power! It has staying power! It just simply has power.

While we may recognize it’s power, hiring others just seems to be the bane of our existence. Why is it so difficult to mobilize, manage and maintain?

  • Many are afraid to hire. So they don’t hire at all.
  • Some don’t trust leaving their business to strangers. So they hire family and friends which eventually makes life more difficult than ever before.
  • Others are afraid of making bad hiring decisions. They feel as if they are in a repeat cycle of bad hires and just simply don’t trust themselves to make the decisions.
  • Some are concerned with the cost of hiring. So, they search for cheap and inexperienced labor.
  • Others fear being able to afford the investment long term. So they constantly search for part time support.

If this is you, then you are focusing on the wrong things.

While these are all extremely important and valid concerns, the solution lies within planning and preparing for the end results. It’s not until we know and truly understand the results and impact you want and need from any position that you can find comfort in the answers to the other questions.

In our business growth framework, everything begins and ends with your mission and so should your hiring process.

Before you make your first or next hiring decision, spend sometime thinking about the end and not the beginning. Think about your legacy first because every decision you make should be a legacy decision.


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  • Outplacement firm has greater than doubled income during COVID
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  • Change management company hired key position and cloned herself during COVID
  • Cleaning company made successful and lucrative pivot during COVID
  • Human Resources consulting firm acquired four new customers during COVID

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