Success Begins With The End In Mind

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2014

Last week, my husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. 20 years is a rare milestone in today’s world. Few celebrate 20 years at anything – in business, in a job or in a relationship. Many have asked us for the secret to making it to 20 years. Our answer: success begins with the end in mind.

From the beginning, we set our sights on the end result. We knew going into our marital relationship that we wanted to beat the odds. We both wanted to outlast the averages. Our commitment to longevity has helped us to remain the course.

I’ve also carried this principle with me in business. This year, I celebrate 17 years as an entrepreneur. My financial management and compliance firm, DeAnder Associates, LLC, has also surpassed the averages. According to the U.S. Small Businesses, most start-ups fold before they reach their fifth year. So, how did I manage to make it in my marriage and my business when the odds were against me?

1. Commitment – This has proven to be the why behind the how. Going in, I knew what I wanted. I visualized how the end would look and I sought out to achieve that end. Commitment keeps me in the game and on course.

2. Communication – When things get hard, I talk it through. This is not always easy. However, I’ve learned that holding the important things in and keeping quiet, increases the chance of failure. I make it a point to talk it out. Sharing the good news and the bad news sparks collaboration and encourages creativity. I believe two or more heads are better than one.

3. Consideration – No matter how much I want to think of myself first, I know it’s NOT ABOUT ME. I always try to consider the impact my decisions has on others. My decisions and actions are not made in a silo. Consideration has been a key ingredient of my success.

4. Consistency – Plain and simple, I’ve shown up! Showing up gives others the confidence that’s needed to push forward.

5. Community – I’ve surrounded myself with others who encourage longevity and success. I’ve solicited the support from mentors who have successfully charted the course before me. Knowing there is nothing new under the sun has allowed me to seek support from others who have experienced similar situations. Their wisdom and guidance have helped me to continue following my road map.

It hasn’t all been easy. I’ve had my challenges. I’ve also had moments when I just simply wanted to throw in the towel. However, I set my intentions and considered the future. I’ve kept the end game in front of me. That end game has given me the power to persevere.

The secret for me is knowing that anything worth having requires hard work and dedication, and knowing what I wanted to achieve in the end, has been my motivator to see it through.

How will you celebrate 20 years and beyond?

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