Patience Yields Power

Uncategorized May 14, 2014

I am a recovering perfectionist with a chronic addiction to solve problems. What exactly does that mean? In a word, I am impatient. If it’s going to get done, I have to do it. It has to be done right away and it has to be right the first time.

I can’t seem to wait for much of anything. I take control of meetings even if it’s not my meeting. I have to communicate the problem, solution and bright ideas. I am also quick to respond, as if everything needs an answer right now.

As a business owner, I am often looked to for all of the answers. This is mostly because I’ve unconsciously set it up that way. I haven’t given others the opportunity to independently come to conclusions. I havent allowed room for others to grow. When I complain that everything and everyone relies on me, i only have myself to blame.

Situations have forced me to be patient. My way was not acceptable. I have been forced to just sit patiently and wait on others. Initially this was a foreingn place for me. I was completely uncomfortable with not having the ability to impose my opinion. Being hit with uncontrollable instance after uncontrollable instance broke me down. They kept coming one after the other until I conceded by sitting quietly on the sidelines. Once I did that, beautiful things began to happen. The fog cleared. The burdens were lifted and power was restored.

Pausing allowed the universe to take control and continue to form my destiny. It gave me freedom, a sense of peace and the power to press froward. It allowed me to let go of the circumstances and see the truth in situations.

I realize I’ve operated on the philosophy that the last to speak loses. However, the school of hard knocks has taught me that the contrary is true. The last to speak is usually the winner. So, I am now on the road to recovery. It’s not easy, but what I am learning is that patience truly yields power!

Get rid of the stress and have a little patience.


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