Overwhelm your circumstances with forward motion

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020
As CEO you have to be a flowing fountain in frigid conditions.

Well here we are. It’s the final week of January and I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is we’ve exhausted just about 31 days to build momentum toward achieving our goals for the year. The good news is we still have about 335 days to execute and make things happen.

Where are you in the mix of achievement? Are you on track? Are you missing the mark? Do you know where you are headed? Has the train come off the tracks?

No matter where you are, there’s still time to hone your strategy and make magic happen.

I spent much of last week in a business retreat in North Carolina, keeping my train on the tracks. Let me tell you, I had so many expectations coming into the retreat to include what I expected the weather would be. EVERYTHING I experienced was the complete opposite of what I expected.

Flying into a southern state, I expected the weather to be much more fall like than the climate I left in Maryland. NOT!! It was a whopping 27 degrees in North Carolina.

I was also expecting an average hotel and meeting rooms for the event. NOT!! The facility was gorgeous and like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I’ve already planned to come back with my husband to celebrate our anniversary.

I walked the beautiful grounds of the retreat facility just to take in the scenery, absorb the environment and to see what amenities were available during my stay. On my first morning I ran into this fountain of flowing water.

What caught my attention was the fact that the fountain was flowing with water in 27 degrees. There was a small pool of water, some of which the frigid conditions changed to ice. But that didn’t stop the fountain. It just kept flowing and producing water, which meant there was more water than ice in the pool. Regardless of the conditions, the fountain was on a mission - to produce!

That made me think of you. As a business owner and CEO of the legacy you are building, you have really just a few jobs. 1) to build your strategy, 2) to focus on four key areas of your business, 3) to be resourceful, and 4) to keep the train in motion. That’s it!

When things get tough in business, you’ve simply got to trust the process and keep things moving even when it seems impossible. Your consistent motion will overwhelm the conditions and your objectives will be achieved.

So, what are some of the frigid conditions you could face in your business?

1. You could be a Lone Ranger which means you are doing everything which could make your mission seem impossible.

2. You could be in the position where you are not generating enough revenue to cover expenses and pay you a decent salary which could be stunting your growth.

3. You could have demanding customers with unrealistic expectations which could be frustrating you and blinding your focus.

4. You could be operating in a heavily saturated market and it could seem impossible to gain the attraction you desire.

5. You could be facing new regulations that seem to be designed to hold you back.

These are all circumstances that could make you feel like freezing.

But, freezing, stopping or slowing down is not the answer. Tackling these frigid conditions head on is. Overwhelming those conditions with the force of your mission will change those things and will keep you on track and moving forward.

So how do you stay in forward motion when the forces seem to be standing in your way?

1. Revisit your road map. Recall the route, eliminate the distractions and get back on track.

2. Connect with other business owners in your community. You are not the only one experiencing those situations. There is safety and power in numbers. Put your forces together and tackle the impossible.

3. Get guidance and support. An experienced and knowledgeable advisor can help you see the forest in spite of the trees.

So, back to my retreat, I invested time, money and energy to participate and expected a return on my investment. While the venue was fabulous, the content did not meet my expectations.

As CEO of my business, I had a decision to make. I could either grin and bare it and go home empty handed and frozen or I could flood the circumstance with my mission and leave with what I came for. I chose the latter.

I revisited my road map, connected with other business owners and then sought the support I was looking for. I was a flowing fountain in what could have been frigid conditions. As a result I was happy with what I received in the end.

Remember, your job as CEO is to keep the train moving. As I advise my clients, always stay in forward motion with your eyes wide open! Be the flowing fountain in the midst of frigid conditions.



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