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Uncategorized Dec 29, 2019
Are you ready to step into the new year with 20/20 vision!

As we close out another year and prepare to enter a new decade I wanted to share my 2019 annual reflection with you. I believe before one can move forward they must first follow the tracks they’ve made for there is no experience wasted and all things lead toward a greater good. So here goes.....


Webster defines intention as an idea that you plan to carry out. If you mean something, it's an intentionYour goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It's something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.

I define intention as forward motion with your eyes wide open. Intention to me represents calculated steps. It’s strategic follow through. Intention is taking time to explore the possibilities and the risks and weighing them against your road map.

This picture was taken on December 31, 2018 following a vision board exercise my daughter facilitated.

As you can see from my vision board, INTENTION was my word for 2019.

My goals for 2019 were:

  1. To complete my business growth curriculum following the release of my book in 2018.
  2. To host live events allowing me the opportunity to impact the growth of more small businesses.
  3. To speak on multiple stages across the United States, again, allowing me the ability to impact the growth of more small businesses.
  4. To FINALLY line my ducks up in a row so all roads lead to one objective and that is to constantly build legacies.
  5. To begin executing on my legacy dreams of having my children work for me and one day prepare to sit in the C Suite.
  6. To create yet another millionaire.
  7. To help my existing clients reach new heights and realize things they never dreamed possible.
  8. To travel to new places and experience new cultures.
  9. To further diversify our client portfolio. While government contracting continues to be our primary focus we want to diversify the types of businesses we can potentially bring to the federal marketplace and beyond.
So how did I do?

Let’s allow the numbers to tell the story.

1 = the birth of my first grandchild and a new beneficiary of my legacy. My why is getting deeper by the day.

1 = My first television pitch EVER. It did not end up in an appearance. However I still celebrate this as a win because it caused me to FINALLY, after five years, create my signature program, Legacy Builders Business Accelerator. It was also a step forward and movement toward something I am completely uncomfortable with. I am feeling the fear and will be doing it again soon.
1 = the new country I visited and experienced. In June I traveled to Costa Rica with 38 fantabulous ladies on our annual girlfriends getaway.
4 = the number of radio and podcast appearances I made where I shared business growth strategies with thousands of listeners. Big check mark toward helping a million achieve millions.
4 = the number of events I personally hosted in 2019 which went from extremely intimate to filling up beyond capacity. It also allowed me the ability to complete and deliver my curriculum.
4 = the number of new geographical locations that brought me in to speak or consult.
12 = the total number of speaking engagements I had and stages I spoke on. Another check mark toward helping a million achieve millions.
25 = the number of years of marriage my husband and I celebrated in October. His strong support is what helps me keep the dream alive.
25 = the number of new or expanded client opportunities we sealed, setting us up for a great new decade.
25 = the average percentage of revenue growth my clients have experienced over last year due to focused efforts and quarterly tag ups.
200 = the percentage of growth one of my clients experienced as we focused on bringing her strategic road map to life.
600,000 = the size of the line of credit offered to a client without asking for a dime. The management reputation we’ve built for this company made it possible to receive this gift in a time when others are saying no to much smaller requests of small business.
5,999,000 = a contract win for the year for a client and the biggest transformation we've helped facilitate, taking this client from two to forty. 2020 is going to be sweet for them.
$500 million = the dollar value of the largest contract win we supported this year. Our client who started as one four years ago and is now 32 will soon be far larger in 2020 and beyond. The greatest thing about this is she is staying true to her road map which revealed large wins.
In addition, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool businesses this year.
  • A Fine Arts consultancy whose mission is to cultivate the culturally curious and provide access to fine arts within excluded communities.
  • A child and family development consultancy whose mission is to revolutionize education and environments for families of children with disabilities.
  • A security training company whose mission is to keep environments safe by training law enforcement and institutions how to respond to active shooter circumstances.
  • A career strategist whose mission is to nurture the workforce by helping corporations build strategies to serve their displaced workforce.
Then of course I ended the year by making an offer to my new Chief Marketing and Media Officer in training. My daughter will join forces with me in January to keep the leads coming and the exposure great.
As you can see, it’s been a great year!
What did I learn this year?

I learned that so very often we search and we search for answers to the questions we have about growth yet the answers are already within. We discredit our abilities in search for greater. We over complicate things. Because the goal is big, we believe the approach must be too. However, at the end of the road we learn that the simple yet most effective answers are right in front of us.

They say what got you here won’t take you there. Well sometimes it will take you there. You just need a little assessment and alignment for it all make sense.

You don’t need huge lists to achieve big wins.

You don’t need to hire top guns to open doors.

You don’t have to settle for scraps to get your foot in the door.

You don’t have to be like anyone else to succeed.

You most certainly don’t need a complicated approach to succeed.

What you simply need is a clear and concise plan, well monitored performance indicators, an active and engaged network, the desire to reach higher and the willingness to engage a team. That’s it. That’s all my clients and I have focused on all year. We’ve stuck to the road map!

So as we move forward into a brand new decade what can you expect?

Connection ~ Collaboration ~ Commitment ~ Contracts

Simply stated, you can expect more Legacy Builders to rise. Small businesses are getting back to the basics of connecting and collaborating because they now for certain there is power in numbers! As a result, you can expect more small businesses to reach and surpass the million dollar mark and become part of the 9% club.
Here’s to closing out another great year and moving on to even greater! Here’s to you becoming a legacy builder!
May 2020 be your BIG BANK year!
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