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Uncategorized Nov 07, 2014
I removed my mask and now business is better than ever!

Last week I raised the concern that authenticity is the missing ingredient in business.  Many organizations are struggling because their true talents are being masked behind delivering what others expect versus what I have to offer.  To truly be effective, there has to be a balance of both their expectations and your offering.

I’ve been challenged personally in many ways this week on this very topic.  At the end of the day, I’ve decided to remove my mask and do business my way, allowing authenticity and transparency to shine through in all that I do.

What does that really mean?

1)  With every opportunity I bring me to the table.  I listen to others and assess their expectations while knowing my intentions.  Through effective communication and negotiation, I bring forth a solution that balances both objectives:  their expectations and my intentions.

2)  Strategic thinking is a critical component of every aspect of my business.  I’ve always wanted to be “fair” in my business dealings.  However, what I’ve learned over the years is “fair” is subjective and leaves you depleted.  Instead of being “fair”, I want to be strategically considerate.  This is done by keeping my intentions in the forefront while considering how to create a win-win theme for the key parties involved.

3)  The vetting process is now a necessary part of my strategic business plan.  Being true to authenticity, I will continue to vet my relationships to ensure I am entering mutually beneficial partnerships with employees, strategic partners and customers.  Knowing how we best operate and the culture we are creating, the vetting process will allow for greater opportunities to serve those who we are meant to serve versus just simply settling for that which walks in the door.

4)  Continuing to bring the full and real me to the table with an understanding that not everyone around the table is prepared to receive me.  Being a powerful business leader means you know when to let go of those who just simply are not ready to receive what you have to offer.

As a business leader, I strongly encourage you to find your authenticity:  the art of being true to your personality, spirit, character and standards.  Speak your truth and intentions and be confident, courageous and considerate in your business dealings. The alternative is to allow your business to run you instead of you running your business.

Again I would like to offer support to those who are feeling restricted in their business.  I would like to help you see you have choices and real ability to make the decisions that fall in line with your standards.  I would like to help you create a working environment where you and others can express individual talents and offer their best.

Together, let’s bring authenticity back to business.  

Be confident, courageous and considerate!  Get rid of your mask.  Know who you are.  Get what you want.  Speak your intentions.

If you want to do business your way; if you want to find the right place to express your talents; if you want to learn how to say no and walk with integrity, then my coaching program is for you.  I can help you draw out your authenticity and teach you how to get what you want on your terms.

It’s your business, your way!

For more information on how to effectively get rid of your mask and live authentically, sign up for a Complementary Power Session!  What you really want is right around the corner awaiting your arrival.


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