It's time to stop wearing that mask!

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2019

It's October, the beginning of the final phase of this year, and I need to have a black coffee conversation with you.

I see you are about to go back into that same spiral!

You know, the one where you want to change your logo, your website, your message, your business name, what you do all because you haven't grown like you expected. You believe you must not look appealing to the market so all those things need to change.

Did you know, every time you make a change, it sets you back three years? Did you know with each change comes more credibility to be built in the market?

How will you EVER get ahead if you keep changing your business?

I'm here to tell you, it's not your brand image! It's you!

I talk to hundreds of business owners this time each year and they all tell me their dreams, goals and objectives for growing a business that operates beyond them, one that creates opportunities for others, one that builds wealth and health for the future, one that is authentically them. It all sounds good! It also all sounds achievable. However, they keep hiding in the darkness of the plateau!

They want growth but they don't want to be seen.

They want to build something different but they keep watching and mimicking their peers.

They want to build a million dollar business but they keep chasing shiny objects.

They want their brand to be uniquely recognized but they won't create consistency in the market.

Is that you?

If so, it's time to stop the insanity, take off the mask, and start moving the needle on your business.

You've heard me say this before and I'm going to say it again. Everything in your business rises and falls on you. You reside at the center of your business growth. What you decide to do or not to do has a direct impact on whether your business enters the 9% millionaire's club.

You, my friend, are your brand!

Stop changing gears! Stop changing your logo! Stop updating your website! Stop changing your business name! Stop changing what you offer! Stop changing your targets!

Those are shiny objects that are distracting you and stunting your growth!

I learned many years ago that the secret to successfully building a million dollar brand is consistency.

This is me in front of my wall logo of the business I sold in 2018.

My business was 20 years old when I sold it and so was my logo! And we were part of the 9% millionaire's club!

I NEVER once changed my logo! And because I didn't, we had name and brand recognition in the market.

Instead of focusing on how we looked, I focused on how we delivered. I focused on building competencies that were uniquely us, that lead to an unforgettable and authentic reputation.

So [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], here's what I want you to know. To build a business that places you in the 9% millionaire's club, you have to stop focusing on the wrong things. If you want to build an authentic brand that is unforgettable and irreplaceable, you must establish confidence in who you are, consistency in your messaging, and build competence like no other!

Tomorrow, I will be kicking off our October Million Dollar Masterclass where we will be focusing on just how to take off the mask and build an authentic brand that leads to millions!

Join us in Scale To Seven Figures. We will get started promptly at 7:00 pm eastern.

See you tomorrow!

Let's explore what's keeping you from building your legacy. Gain information and insight about building your pathway to freedom, flexibility, and legacy! Let's start building your legacy NOW!

PSS: Don't forget to join the Facebook group. It's a free way to gain clarity, confidence, consistency and cashflow in your business. We will be hosting our October Million Dollar Masterclass on Monday, October 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm. The theme will be Letting Go Of The Mask: Five Steps To Building An Authentic Brand.


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