I Need To Clone Myself

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2014

For 17 years, i’ve been running and growing my company, DeAnder Associates, LLC. It’s been such an amazing and rewarding experience. My initial objective was to serve as a consultant, helping small businesses remain compliant in the Federal Government space. A few years in, my vision changed and I took steps to expand beyond consultancy and support more businesses and become a Professional Services firm.

I had no idea just what would be required once that decision was made. The flood gates of demands opened up. I literally grew six more arms to juggle hiring, customer service, excellence, business development, training, accounting. You name it, i juggled it.

I spent less and less time at home. I woke up at 4am each morning and immediately got started with my work day. I never took a break. My days in the office ended at 7:00 pm. I would go home, eat dinner with my family, put the kids to bed and get started again. My business day would then finally end at midnight, and sometimes later, just to get up and get started again.

After several months…. no who am I fooling? After years of operating in this insanity, It became impossible for me to continue to juggle. My family wasn’t happy. My employees were confused. My business was stagnate. I was out of control and knew something needed to happen.

While in the FOG, I made very poor attempts to stop the madness. I then asked Santa Clause for a cloning machine. I was completely overwhelmed and felt I did not have the support I needed to overcome. Needless to say, my wish was not granted. That is not until i surrendered myself to doing something drastically different.

I sought the support of someone who successfully navigated through the same situation. They came in and performed an initial assessment. To my surprise, that assessment was not of my business. It was an assessment of me! Through a series of exercises, we uncovered what was really holding me back and hindering my growth and success.

We then put strategies in place to help overcome the obstacles and get where I needed to go. Through our weekly, then monthly, and then quarterly meetings, I transformed my thinking, which transformed my actions, which transformed my business. In simple terms, I cloned myself by hiring a Coach. She changed my mind, which then changed my life and my business.

Since then, I’ve cloned myself 30 more time through the growth of my employee base. This growth helps my business thrive without the juggler. I am free to build my vision. I am free to grow my business. I am free to explore other interests and opportunities. I am free to pay it forward.

As I write this article, I am just beside myself! I just wrapped up yet another awesome coaching session with a Non-profit leader. She is absolutely phenomenal and the transformation that has occurred since we started a few months ago is mind blowing. She came to me deflated, tired and ready to give up. Today, she is energized and pregnant with possibilities and on fire! I’ve helped her transform her thinking and inflicted a shift in her behavior so she could get all that she wanted for her Foundation.

It wasn’t that her business was too much! It wasn’t that her expectations were unreasonable! It wasn’t that she was alone to do it all herself! She just simply needed to see things differently, strategize on how to realize her vision, and put solutions in place. She went from her business keeping her up at night to dreaming about the possibilities.

Lifting burdens to elevate the soul of the business leader is what I do. Bringing first hand experiences and strategies to succeed has made it possible for me to transform businesses one leader at a time.

If you are struggling with juggling the components of your business and need to clone yourself, call me. You can also click the image below to sign up for a Complementary Power Session! Your success depends on it.


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