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Uncategorized Sep 17, 2014

What makes someone qualified to coach you?

This is a question which was recently raised in a Facebook forum and I thought it was a great question to share with my followers. As you embark upon the task of hiring a coach, consider these things.

1. Education ranks lower than experience and application. Someone can have all the training in the world but may not have the ability to apply the acquired knowledge. As a result, their experience is limited and, in turn, they are ineffective. When searching for a coach, look for someone who has results oriented coaching experience not credentials.

2. Rapport and transparency are absolute musts. Not all Coaches are built to serve everybody. Therefore, it’s important that you establish a coaching relationship with a Coach that resonates with you. The Coach should also be willing to share experiences and help you advance your level of success. The Coach should not be shy about sharing.

3. Interviewing the Coach is a must! Before you embark upon the journey of sharing your heart, do your due diligence. Interview them. Engage in a brief consultation and ask the Coach some key questions regarding their experience and how they can assist you.

4. An excellent track record is a must. Check out their testimonials. Let their work speak for itself. If they don’t share testimonials, consider a different Coach.

5. Remember, coaching is not about the Coach, it’s about you. I like to refer to coaching as a personal retreat from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. It’s an opportunity for you to step outside of your business and look within. It’s the critical moments you need to work ON your business. However, you must be ready to do the work. You must be willing to share just as you expect your Coach to share with you. You must be honest and open to the possibilities. You must be willing to try new approaches. The bottom line is you must be ready.

6. Success is the main topic of discussion. Brief moments are spent discussing challenges, setbacks and stumbling blocks. The remainder of your sessions should be focused on building strategies to overcome and to achieve your goals.

7. The Coach focuses on you and not them self. I’ve been coached by some who made the sessions more about them than it did about me. In the end, I paid to listen to their life story. In those short lived relationships, I learned nothing and I achieved less. The best coaching sessions have been ones which generated thought provoking breakthroughs. Breakthroughs will not happen with each session. However, when they do, they prove for a great experience.

My mission as a Success Coach & Business Strategist is to transform business one business leader at a time. My results have been phenomenal and my testimonials prove it. Take a look at what my clients are saying about my work. Go to my website and read my testimonials. Sign up for your Complementary Power Session and learn more about my coaching approach and how I can help you advance to the next level.


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