I Had An Epiphany

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2014

Last year, I had an epiphany:  “Teach others to fish”!

I honestly had no idea that following through on that epiphany would turn into an incredible opportunity to help small businesses grow and prosper.  I had no idea starting Anavo Transformation Solutions would help so many business leaders achieve their goals, create balance, enhance relationships and get unstuck and moving forward into greatness!

As I count down the hours remaining in 2014, I can’t help but to reflect on the accomplishments and lessons of this year.  It’s truly been an amazing year!  

Below are some of the highlights from this year.

Building Relationships
Thank you, Kimberly, for allowing me to guide you into making some life changing decisions about your Real Estate Business and your career.  After working together for eight weeks, we redefined your business strategy and established an effective approach to vetting your customer base and forming strategic partnerships that facilitate further growth through referrals.  Following your 10+ years in the business, you now have a velvet rope that allows you to attract the customers you are designed to serve.  Focusing on your ideal customer has reaped exponential benefits and financial rewards.

Building Infrastructure
Helping Patricia build a Board of Directors that will help her advance to the next level was an amazing journey.  In her seventh year with her nonprofit organization, Patricia has learned through our year-long Executive Coaching that “what got you here won’t get you there”.  In order to advance to the next level, you’ve got to do some things differently and that includes increasing the expertise you have around the table.  This year we implemented a Board of Directors screening process that allowed not only Patricia, but other members of her Board, to attract the right Board members to help take the organization to the next level.  Being intentional about the needs of the organization, forming clearly defined roles and responsibilities and vetting candidates not only allowed Patricia to put business back in the process, but is also allowed her the opportunity to create personal balance.

Building Exposure
As a tenured professional in the insurance business, Rhondalynn wanted to increase her exposure and take advantage of opportunities to elevate her to new levels.  Over the course of six weeks, we focused on Rhondalynn’s approach and positioning.  Helping Rhondalynn elevate her expertise and increase communication allowed her to lead projects with high visibility.  She identified ways to engage with senior leaders within her organization which has lead to promotion and recognition.  In six short weeks, we were able to implement simple steps to help Rhondalynn increase her exposure as well as opportunities within her organization.

Building Business
I appreciate Molly for seeking me out.  Molly invited me to participate as an industry expert to help small businesses in her local community grow and expand.  As a leader in a local civic organization, Molly needed experienced individuals to offer sage advice to small and emerging businesses in her local community.  I was given the opportunity to deliver two workshops on business planning and building working capital, two critical components of any small business.  I was required to provide one-on-one counseling to small business leaders to help them advance into new territories.  In just thirty days, I delivered two successful workshops and successfully counseled eight business leaders.  The results were astounding!

Building Numbers
One of my mottos is numbers tell a story and they never lie.  This is true when it comes to financial reporting.  I had the excellent opportunity to perform a financial assessment for Candace’s business.  As the owner of her five year old government contractor, she was considering her exit.  Performing a financial assessment on her company informed her of the risks and potential rewards buried within her organization.  The financial assessment allowed Candace the opportunity to prepare and plan her pathway and yield optimal results.  Candace now knows her story.

Building Vision
When I met Tawanda she was grossly involved in the day-to-day operations of her company.  After only one session with Tawanda, she learned just how crippling it is to her thriving company to remain in the weeds of her business.  After a one day on-site intensive, Tawanda was able to realign her organizational structure and optimize her time, allowing her to focus on and follow her organizational vision.

Working with an Executive Coach and Business Strategist has helps companies achieve exponential success.  It allows business leaders and professionals to retreat from their daily distractions and focus on important aspects of their business.  Growth happens where there is a separate set of objective eyes taking a look under the hood.

Make 2015 more profitable and productive!  Contact me today to schedule your free Business Success Strategy Session.

With purpose and intention, 2015 promises to be an exceptional year!

If you are serious about making the necessary changes to your organizations and ready to advance to the next level, Schedule your Complementary Business Success Strategy Session today.


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