He’s made $18 million in less than 5 years

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2019

Happy Sunday!

I hope your week went well!

I have so many things to report from this last week. First, I was invited to help a group of small businesses prepare their 2020 strategic plan.


It was exhilarating to work with owners who have made 7 and 8 figures in revenue in a very short period of time. These were definitely individuals who have quickly claimed their membership into the 9% club.

I was also invited to participate in a CEO Roundtable for Christian business owners. Let me tell you!! God moved in that room. That room was also full of 7 and 8 figure revenue earners.

The things we discussed in these rooms were indescribable. It was a very serious journey to a place I call "under the hood" where we uncovered things happening in every day business that, quite frankly, breaks the average small business. But not these small businesses! These small businesses were very serious about figuring it out. They were very serious about getting over the hurdles. They were very serious about getting to their next level.

Every single business owner in these rooms benefited from the total conversation. Next month when they come back together to share wins, I'm certain their wins will be far greater than the wins they shared this week. Why? Because those who showed up in the room this week will spend the next month implementing and executing what they learned from this week's conversation, and that is how you move the needle on your business.

I then spent the rest of last week talking to individuals who are interested in my Legacy Builders Business Accelerator which starts in January 2020. This program promises to be one of those rooms small businesses will not want to miss. We are engaging our existing client base which ranges from start-up to $30 million in annual revenues. The objective is to accelerate business for everyone who finds themselves in the room regularly and are fast action takers to implement and execute.

I have been a by-product of being in some pretty phenomenal rooms. At times when I needed to push the needle on my business, I sought out communities with growth in mind facilitated by those who have achieved the success I was seeking. But the problem I found was, I could only enter most rooms once I exceeded $1 million in revenue. And that, was painful.

The reality behind why 91% of small businesses NEVER reach seven figures is because there is not enough access for them to learn, implement, execute and grow. So, I've followed the sage advice of Dr. Maya Angelou, "to be the change I want to see in the world". Legacy Builders Business Accelerator is that change. It's the opportunity for small businesses at varying levels to come together in community, share experiences, learn next steps, collaborate with one another, have access to the resources they need and reach those seven and eight figures in no time so they can achieve their legacy sooner than later.

Like my new friend that I met this week. As you know, I cherish confidentiality, so I will not share his name nor the name of his business. However, I will share this.


He made $18 million dollars in less than 5 years. His legacy goal? To not need to work for money by the time he turns 50.

He is on his way to achieving that success.

He owns an information technology firm in the financial management space. His customers spread across the opportunity pyramid (something we teach our clients in Legacy Builders Business Accelerator), meaning he has small business customers, university and non profit customers, state and local customers and federal customers.

I asked my new friend what was the secret to achieving $18 million in such a short period of time. He gave me three things:

  1. He tapped into his network of relationships he's cultivated throughout the life of his professional career (also the secret sauce of my success and something I teach in Legacy Builders Business Accelerator). They helped to elevate him in ways that would have taken a decade had he done it alone.
  2. He built a circle of advisors from day one (this is what I call your A-Team and another thing I teach and provide access to in Legacy Builders Business Accelerator), that not only helped to protect his business but also worked hard to refer him to other businesses with which he established partnerships and teaming arrangements.
  3. He got intimately involved with business communities. Here he was able to learn from others, partner with members, and provide solutions to a private network of businesses (major benefits of Legacy Builders Business Accelerator).

So, as we prepare to move into a new decade, are you ready to leave the struggle of growth behind? Are you ready to step into a place that can help you grow exponentially? Are you ready to leave behind the pain of not being included in the rooms of deal makers? Are you ready to gain access to resources which seem to be hidden from you currently?

Are you ready to step into my room?


If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then I would like to invite you to explore Legacy Builders Business Accelerator. While the program does not officially begin until January 2020, I have several bonuses built in for those who sign up by December 15, 2019. One of those bonuses includes a private strategic planning day with me. I am dedicated to helping make 2020 a BIG BANK year for you!

Let's talk about your legacy and determine how we can help you get there.

Let's explore what's keeping you from building your legacy. Gain information and insight about building your pathway to freedom, flexibility, and legacy! Let's start building your legacy NOW!

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