Have you ever felt completely off?

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020
Moving on means getting back on track to align with the opposite of what turned you off.

We have just passed the middle of January. Can you believe it? One thing's for sure, time waits for no one!

Let's check your PULSE.

How are you feeling right now? Do you still have the same level of excitement and energy as when you started the year? Or have you sputtered out a bit?

If you are like me, you've sputtered out.


This past week, I've felt out of sorts. Something just seemed to be off, but I just kept moving along. I didn't really take notice to it until one morning this week this happened.

I was just about to walk out the door and head to the office when I managed to look down. Lord, please have mercy on me! This could have been a disaster. Instead, I headed back upstairs and changed. That change also shifted my mindset.

I realized I jumped into this year feet first (literally) and got to running. Things finally caught up with me. While I started the year with a lot of excitement, that excitement got the best of me. I found myself feeling overwhelmed which also meant I was exhausted. My excitement sapped my energy.

[FIRST NAME GOES HERE] how in the world did I get here?

I started the year off with the flu which meant I lost a few days in the very beginning of the year. Because of that I did not follow my normal new year steps where I get myself in alignment with my mission for the year. What I know for certain is, I live right in the center of my business. The growth of my business is completely and 100% reliant upon my mood, my decisions, and my actions. If I want to be successful at any point in time, I have to check myself before I wreck myself (lyrics from one of Ice Cube's records).

I did some research several years ago about CEO mission alignment and found that connecting with the things that matter to YOU most BEFORE you move into executing on your goals is extremely important. Certainly your goals for the year and the decade are important to you. However, there are some core underlying things that matter even more and if they are not considered and addressed head on and before you move into overdrive, you will feel overwhelmed, exhausted, out of sorts, and burned out.

In fact, pyschomechanics.com says when you are feeling lost and out of sorts, your mind is simply trying to direct your attention to things that are more important than what you are doing now. Your mind is telling you there is unfinished business and issues that you should be paying attention to than those things you are currently doing.

Continuing to allow yourself to remain in that condition will leave you feeling out of control, worried, stressed and in a bad mood. This is why it's so very important to recognize your current state and do something about it.

Here are some steps you can take to get back in line and moving forward with clarity, ease and control.

  1. Align yourself with your values. As I mentioned before, the underlying drivers behind your interests and desires must be assessed and addressed before you move into overdrive with your mission for the year. Operating unchecked places you in a funk and a fog. Don't allow yourself to get lost there. At the end of the day, aligning with your values allows you to bring the whole you to the table. This allows you to be all in on the game!
  2. Take a break. No, I don't mean a vacation. I mean a break from business. Take a few days to allow yourself to create the separation from the past year of experiences and step into the goodness of this coming year. You are about to step into a season of harvesting from the seeds you've planted. To make good decisions and execute effectively, you've got to be completely clear about the journey ahead. You've already done your planning for the year. Now, let's step back for a moment and close the doors on what has happened and open the doors to what will happen. Let's exhale the past and inhale the future. You are the driving force behind your business. You need to be of clear mind, body and spirit in order to make your dreams come alive!
  3. Get help. You've heard me say this before and I'm going to say it again. Stop being the Lone Ranger in your business! Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto! Your mission is critical and so is the fact that you need help. Business is an asset that is not designed to operate without support and if you are on a million dollar mission, help is absolutely what you need. As a first course of action, you need to engage a coach and advisor. They can see your big picture. They can be the eyes and ears to help you stay the course. They can show you times when you are optimizing your mission and times when you are about to hit a slump. They can be resourceful when you need resources. Finally, a good coach and advisor can also switch into consulting when necessary which means they can execute with you and accelerate the growth you are looking to achieve.



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