Dispelling the Myths of Success

Over the past several weeks, we’ve interviewed several people and asked them to define success.  The end result: everyone defines success differently.  While there were some similarities in the definitions, success meant something very different to each person.

Some of the things we heard about success is :
1.  Success is finding your gift and aligning with your Godly ambition;
2.  Success is seizing opportunities as they are presented;
3.  Success is effectively using your resources;
4.  Success is making a difference in people’s lives;
5.  Success is finding indescribable joy in your life’s endeavors.

Webster defines success as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals; the attainment of wealth, position, honors,or recognition.

As you can see, success is nothing more than a personal perspective.  However, we tend to generalize success.  We tend to determine and weigh success based upon societal measures. 

To be successful, you must get rid of the societal measuring stick and set your personal parameters.  You must bust the myths of success.

Myth #1 ~ You must be equally as talented and knowledgeable as others in order to succees
Success is not about how much talent or experience you have in comparison to others.  Success is about using the talent and experience you do have to help move forward.  It is also about understandimg what you need to learn in order to advance and then taking action to personalky develop in those areas.

Myth #2 ~ You must have money to succeed
Money is not the foundation for success.  Vision and goals are, both of which are free.  In order to be successful, you must dream.  You must have a vision.  That vision is the driver behind your goals and objectives.  Plan out your goals,  put them in writing and watch the majic happen.  There may be times when you need money to advance or achieve certain aspects of your goals.  However with proper planning, that obstacle can be overcome.

Myth #3 ~ You must have all the material things in life in order to be successful
Material things do not determine success.  Statistics show that 98% of those with material things are living a fraud.  They have collected things without having the resources to maintain.  They are creating a lifestyle that they cannot live up to.  Thus placing them in a failed position.  Successful people set realistic standards based upon their current means.  They then prepare a plan to  advance their means in order to achieve more.  They accumulate things when their reality says it’s right.  They understand their success is not measured by someone else’s collection of stuff.  Success means you are willing to make the sacrafices and work hard to achieve those things that are important to you.

Myth #4 ~ Successful people never fail
Failure is a learning process.  It is the way we learn how to improve our actions.  Without failure there is no success.  Failure is part of the success recipe.  Successful people are not afraid to try, even if it leads to failure.  They just get up and try again.

Myth #5 ~ I don’t have what it takes to be successful
Success is not a genetic quality.  We are all born to succeed.  In fact, we have all succeeded in some way, shape, form or fashion.  Success is the process of taking action and moving forward.  Success is being diligent and driven.  Success is having desires to achieve.  Diligence, drive and desire are all qualities the live within us.  We just need to ignite them.

Change your mind about what success is and you will change your life.

Here’s to your success!!


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