Discomfort Is A Million Dollar Proposition

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020

You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure! - Chadwick Boseman

This past weekend, we lost another great. In fact, to me, he was the greatest super hero that ever lived. Chadwick Boseman, also known as the Black Panther, succumbed to a four year battle with colon cancer at the very young age of 43.

This was devastating news to the community. Most were shocked and surprised to learn of his passing. After four years of being completely silent of his illness, Chadwick Boseman was gone.

Today, I dedicate this reflection to the CEO side of Chadwick Boseman and celebrate all that he was, all that he meant and all he strived to achieve. For sure, anyone who battles cancer in silence while they take on the greatest roles of their lifetime deserves a celebration.

Chadwick Boseman made his discomfort his million dollar proposition. Instead of complaining about how he felt, the long hours he had to work, the pain he had to endure, the fight he had to face every single day, he just worked through it. But what did this really mean?

  • He knew and understood his mission. His mission was to become a legend. His vision was to build a legacy. He worked hard every day with that focus in mind. When asked what he did, he said "when people ask me what I do, I don't say I'm an actor because actors often wait for someone to give them a role." Boseman did not wait for roles to be given to him. He knew his role and moved in his space to ensure he always played in that role.
  • He knew what he stood for. Never compromising his position, Boseman knew exactly where he needed to be and who he needed to connect with in order to achieve his mission. He said "people said you don't need to do anymore biopics. You don't need to play any more real people. I don't agree with that. As an African America actor, a lot of our stories haven't been told." So he found himself among great writers, producers, and directors who were bold enough to tell the stories and selected him to portray such greats as Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall and James Brown.
  • He knew his value. "I majored in directing. However, I spent time in the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, so I am somewhat well versed in African Studies." He was unapologetic about his expertise. As a result, he landed box office opportunities and made more than $760 million.
  • He knew the value of having an A-Team and seeking mentorship. While he jokes about Denzel Washington privately paying for him to go to Oxford, he valued Denzel's mentorship. He sought out instruction from the greatest to become the greatest.
  • He protected his mental state. He was so focused and committed to achieving his mission of becoming legendary that he never allowed the discomfort of his disease to get in the way. To the contrary, he allowed his discomfort to become another million dollar proposition. His family revealed following his death that he continued to shoot many of his films like Black Panther during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. He maintained his strength and focus by visiting places like St. Judes frequently. The joy he brought to others with illnesses helped him to remember his purpose and his cause and served as his motivation to continue the work he came here to do.

His story has convicted me! No longer will I reference my days as hard and long. I've been given a path, a mission and a vision. They are mine to own. They are mine to complete. They are mine to endure. The are mine to see to the finish line.

What about you? What have you complained about lately as it relates to your mission, your vision and your dream? How can you use Chadwick Boseman as an example of why you must continue to push and press on? Where do you need to sure up in order to succeed?

Chadwick Boseman can rest in peace knowing he achieved his mission of becoming a legend and his vision of building a legacy. His commitment, focus, resilience, agility and stamina all paid off. Rest well King T'Challa!


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