Are you stuck? Do you need a roadmap?

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2019

Happy holidays!

I still can't believe Christmas is in twelve days! This year has really flown by. But I am very excited. This is my favorite time of year. I really love the hustle and bustle and good cheer. I love thinking of heart warming gifts to share with family and friends. I love getting together with everyone and just simply enjoying the moment. In fact, later today, I will be doing just that. My sister circle of besties will be getting together for our annual holiday brunch. It's something I look forward to every year.

But, I have a confession to make.

It was very difficult for me to write this week's reflection. I've been stuck for hours trying to figure out what to share. This past week was so full with greatness, it was difficult for me to narrow it down to one thing to share, and trying to share it all just seemed overwhelming.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been stuck? Have you ever had that paralyzing feeling that completely stopped you in your tracks? Have you ever experienced that moment when you know you need to move but you just simply don't know what direction to take?

To get out of the stuck position, I had to follow my own advice. I had to settle myself, look for the trends or commonalities, focus on one mission and one message, and step into forward motion. So here we are!

This past week, I had the pleasure of being a guest panelist for the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program.


During the panel discussion, I shared a very important strategy to help small businesses stay on track toward achieving their legacy mission. That important strategy is to engage business advisors. Here are three critical things I shared about business advisory.

We need companionship.

It gets lonely at the top. There are times when we can't tell anyone anything and we certainly can't tell everyone everything. As business owners, you are constantly in your own head, attempting to have the answer for every idea and circumstance. However the reality is, we can't grow it alone. We need another set of eyes and ears to help us assess, validate, strategize and execute. Staying to ourselves keeps us struck. Operating against our limited beliefs keeps us stuck. Business advisory gives you the extra set of eyes and ears you need. It is the sounding board you need to advance to the next level.

We need a road map.

In order to move forward with growing a business, we need a simple road map. A road map keeps you focused on your purpose and end game. It ensures you reach your desired destination. A business road map keeps you focused on the critical aspects of business which are mission, marketing, money and management. It also gives you something to fall back on should you find yourself off course. A business advisor can help you get your ideas out of your head and logically on paper. They can help you map your mission in a very succinct yet methodical way. Business advisors bring clarity to your vision by helping you craft your road map.

We need accountability.

Form the day we were born, we've been told what to do. We've also been accountable to other authorities to ensure we follow the path and we get the job done. Business advisory adds a layer of accountability. Once they know what you want to accomplish and a clear road map has been established, a business advisor can then ensure you stay on track. The business advisor's job is not to allow you to quit but instead is there to provide guidance, insight, and wisdom that will help you stay on track.

I recently started working with a small business owner in the financial management industry. She's been in business for over 20 years. However, she's been stuck in the same position for an extremely long time. In her case, for 20 years, the most she's ever made in revenue is $90,000. Now let me share, that's greater than the average small business in the United States today. 91% of small business in the United States earns an average of $72,000 in annual revenues.

Whiles she's doing better than the averages, she wants to be great!

She wants to grow her business to operate beyond her. Most importantly, she needs her business to increase so that she can begin adequately funding her retirement, prepare to send a child to college and be a resource to her parents who are aging. She realizes, she has reached her full capacity and needs business advisory to help advance her business.

Withing two short weeks, magic has happened in her business.

We've put her road map to millions together. But before we established her road map, we addressed her ideas and beliefs about business. The main reason she's been stuck in position is because she did not trust and believe there was a better way to elevate her business. We spent a half-day addressing her mindset while we uncovered her vision and designed her road map.

Since our meeting. she's taken some very critical steps that's placing her on the pathway to triple her income within the next year and give her the leeway to hire support. Here are a few things she's done since our meeting:

  1. Segmented her services to allow her to get her worth
  2. Increased her prices
  3. Narrowed her niche to feed her genius
  4. Evaluated and purged her client list to align with her niche
  5. Asked for referrals from existing customers
  6. Mapped her strategic partnerships

Without having a companion, a road map and an accountability partner, she would have remained in her cycle of actions and beliefs.

I am extremely proud of and excited for this business owners. 2020 promises to be a BIG BANK year for her and this is just the beginning of the work we will do together!

Do you need a companion, a road map and an accountability partner? Do you want 2020 to be a BIG BANK year for your business?

I would love to talk with you and determine if we are the right resource for you and yourr. Let's chat before the new year and get your vision on the road map!

Let's explore what's keeping you from building your legacy. Gain information and insight about building your pathway to freedom, flexibility, and legacy! Let's start building your legacy NOW!

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