Anything Is Possible

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2014

As I write this blog, I am sitting in the Atlanta airport reflecting on my weekend. It was a fabulous joining and collaboration with women business owners, an experience like no other and too spectacular to sumnarize in a few words. Therefore, it will serve as the topic of many blogs to come. Today I will discuss the main underlying theme of my weekend, which was anything is possibile.

As with any inspirational and encouraging conference, it opened up with these word from out event facilitator: “open up your life to infinite possibilities by simply saying yes and watch your world expand!” I say it again, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There is no such thing as a stupid idea.

My weekend was filled with seeing and realizing the possibilities. In a room of 40 extremely smart and wise women, the ideas, desires and passions resulted in some of the most creative and amazing business ideas. A few examples Follow.

First there was Iya. She is a transient woman who finds anxiety in staying in one place too long. With her roots as a military brat, she grew accustomed to moving from place to place. This has extended into her adult life where she is currently “backpacking” across the US for one year, finding her current grounding in Atlanta, Georgia. Her travels have lead her to many spectaular places to include Africa and she plans to visit Balize in the fall.

Her travels have given her the ability to perfect the power of quick connection. To find her way in strange lands, she’s had to make friends of strangers quickly. Intuitively, she had to find ways to connect with various personalities which then allowed her to form lasting relationships with individuals across continents in short periods of time. Her journey somewhere along the way gently pushed her to become Myers Briggs certified and today she is a Transition Coach helping women across the globe adjust to life’s transitions. It’s amazing to me how she instinctively took her love for travel and connecting and turned it into a profitable and endearing endeavor.

Then there is Camille, a trained attorney who followed the strong urges of her parents and sought a law degree verses the english degree she so longingly wanted. After years of unhappily working in law firms, Camille modified her path and is now supporting a nonprofit organization which defends social justice. Her job is to facilitate leadership summits and train professionals on social justice in the workplace. She is taking her passion for social justice to the road to help bring awareness to injustices that happen in the workplace everyday and spark problem solving conversations in the community. Her journey into the legal systems provided her with the foundation and allowed her to find and pursue that thing that others said would not provide financial stability.

Then there is my new friend Gail, another phenominal woman who converted her hardships into proprietorship. A brain tumor survivor and a mother of a daughter who was born premature, weighing just over one pound at birth with a dismal prognosis for her life, she has painfully overcome each obstacle through faith and believing in God. The many miracles, as she calls them, in her life lead her to seek spiritual healing where her objective was to heal from the inside out. Today, Gail is the healthy vibrant mother of a healthy 25 year old daughter. Facing and overcoming the odds has lead Gail to help other women with their healing. She turned her hardships into proprietorship by today serving as a self healing coach.

Finally. There was my cab driver, Mr. A. Each time I randomly called a cab, Mr. A was the taxi driver who responded. What was intriguing to me was he always showed up in his house slippers. I finally asked him about the slippers. According to Mr. A., this has become his signature. He wants people to know you can do anything you want and love and not be confined by the standards of others. He told me he was an Accountant in his prior life where he made very good money. However, he felt confined by the four walls of corporate America. The cubicle life was not for him, so he quit to pursue freedom.

Freedom to Mr. A is the ability to make his own schedule and stay on the road. According to Mr. A., he makes more money owning his taxi service than he did as an Accountant. No more deadlines, no more reports. Just the ability to meet people and serve them within the walls of the few rules he’s established.

The theme of these stories is anything is possible. If you can dream it, you can do it. Allow the desires of your heart guide you to places you would have never imagined possible. The dream, desire to succeed and a proper plan can make it all happen.

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