3 Tips To Overcome Distractions

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2015

Unbelievable!  Schools are delayed AGAIN!

If you are in the Washington, DC area, you are probably as frustrated as I am.  Just as I attempt to get back in the groove of my objectives, the weather gives us a dose and off schedule we go.

Weather delays is just one of the many distractions we experience in our every day course of business.  Meetings get pushed back.  Projects get delayed. Frustration heightens.  If this goes on too long, we get completely off course.

Don’t allow distractions to stand in your way!

Take a deep breath and look at distractions as what they are:  something that PREVENTS us from giving full attention to something else that is more important.  Distractions are designed to be temporary attention-getters.  However, all too often, we allow distractions to make a permanent home in our lives.  We find it difficult to steer our focus back to the important matters.

Here are three tips to overcoming distractions and getting back on track.

  1. Address & Resolve:  Distractions are attention getting situations that require immediate action. Focus on the resolution.   What is the one thing that needs to be done to resolve the issue?  Either address it yourself immediately or delegate the action to someone who can focus on the issue or has the expertise to resolve quickly.
  2. Regroup:  Don’t attempt to jump back in quickly!  Instead, take a few brief moments to first breathe.  Then, go back and review your original objectives and the action steps that are necessary to get back on track.  Determine where you need to insert yourself and get started.
  3. Align your priorities:  Before other distractions arise, determine your priorities.  Place them in order of importance.  This is the time to also review your calender and determine when you can reschedule certain activities.
Bonus Tip:
Communicate objectives:  
Keep others informed about where you are and your next steps.   Keep pertinent people in the loop of communication as you realign your objectives.  Let them know how and when you’ve rescheduled activities.  Be proactive in this process so it does not appear as if you’ve abandoned certain commitments.  Give them the opportunity to realign as well.Make this your most productive day by overcoming your distractions!  


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Carpe Diem!

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