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COVID-19 Central

COVID Central could save your business. 

COVID-19 Central is a composite of information for small businesses to help them manage successfully through the pandemic.  It includes insight from Antonio Doss, District Director of the Small Business Administration, advice on ways to administer economic relief, and virtual advice from a virtual panel of fifteen experts, to include attorneys, finance experts, human capital experts, government contracting experts, insurance experts, information technology experts, marketing experts, banking experts, and small business advocates.  Our objective is to help you strive, survive, and thrive in times of crisis..

What you'll get:

  • Ways to obtain economic relief
  • Ways to administer economic relief
  • How to optimize funds forgiveness
  • Ways to protect your brand
  • Ways to protect your workforce
  • Ways to protect your finances
  • Ways to protect your contracts
  • Ways to protect your data and systems
  • And more...

[DISCLAIMER]  These presentations address legal, financial and compliance developments and issues which are intended for informational and educational purposes only.  The information contained in these presentations is not intended as legal, financial or compliance advice and should not be construed as such.

What People Are Saying:


Lynda Dorman

OMG You’re really getting me thinking.

Carol Muleta

Powerful Information Lisa!

Dina Nance

Although I didn’t hear everyone’s presentation, one key take away from Carl Hairston was to reach out to my creditors now. COVID-19 will heavily impact my small business. I have reached out to SBA for additional support. Thanks again for hosting this forum.

Ronnette Meyers

That was awesome Lisa! There was so much good information I cannot point to one thing. I listened to 7 or 8 of the discussions. This was so timely. Thanks again!

Marvin Hamlin

WOW!!! Lisa!!! I’m speechless! What an awesomely Amazing Outstanding Virtual Summit!! Thank you for planning such a phenomenal urgent event! I was able to listen to all of the Experts, and they were all truly Mavens and Masters of their respective crafts! I personally received so many gems of greatness...the wealth of information I received and that was shared was invaluable!

Towanda Livingston

The information provided was PRICELESS! The reoccurring theme was to be proactive and how we as small businesses can prepare and not panic! Towanda R. Livingston was inspiring and Laura M. Labovich provided great insight on outplacement and the importance of doing right by our personnel; not just in these times, but as a general practice. The insight provided by the attorneys and Margie Dilone were very eye opening. Fredricia Cunegin provided clarity and simplified the new regulations that will impact employees adversely impacted by COVID-19 and much more.

Zamora Crawford-Olin

The most useful tip for me was given by Jamie Hamelburg. I had no idea about the moratorium landlords had been given that they could not evict tenants during this time of uncertainly. I immediately texted a landlord I know who only has one tenant for a townhouse. She probably didn't know that as being a landlord is kind of a side gig for her.

James Bonato